Sara Griffin - Captain

Ph:  087 696 3921

Called everything from Griff, the Griffalo to the Childsnatcher, this girleen hailing from the midst of county Ciarrai will be Captaining the ship (or Kayak) this year. Former New Members Liaison, and current Children’s Officer for the club (hence the latter title, I suppose) she took on this prestigious role. As a 4th Year Radiography student, when this girl’s not running rivers and the club, she will most likely be found in Health Science library (but never JJ due to a faithful incident involving a chair and ruptured ligaments). She’ll run a tight ship this year, but dear god, never challenge this girl to a drinking contest or you will find yourself well acquainted with a toilet for the rest of the evening! :D

Ailbhe O’Halloran - Secretary

Ph:  087 807 0807

Though this gal is one of the club’s newcomers, she has already proven herself to be worthy of this challenging role. More commonly referred to as “Ailbhe 4” (Yes, we resorted to numbering our Ailbhes!), this 2nd Year Law with French Law student is our secretary for the year. This language extraordinary can be found chilling in the Irish house, where I’m told the session is mighty! Engage in debates at your own risk, she will not have mercy once the argument begins. :P

Ailbhe Cunningham - Treasurer

Ph:  085 842 7775

Another newcomer to the club, this capable kid will be looking after the club finances for the year (no easy task when it’s a club full of students!) This third year Engineering student will be ensuring we have the funds for a cracking year of partying and paddling (Though I suspect “club shots” in Doyles will still not be on the agenda this year...). Don’t allow the D4 accent fool you, Ailbhe’s as down to earth as they come and would much prefer paddling a river than spending the day in Dundrum.

Ailbhe Tuohy - Safety Officer

Ph:  086 235 1552

As a previous club captain and treasurer this girl knows well how this club functions. She may be small in stature (not the smallest though!) I still wouldn’t be challenging this girl to any sort of contest... she will beat you. As a first year BioEng masters student, she’ll be developing the cutting edge medical tech before too long.... Until then though she’ll probably be found easier at a session than in a Bio lab.

John Enright - Training Officer

Ph:  087 213 4574

The first and, by far the most important thing, you should know about John Enright is that he is the most Handsome man in the club. Period. Do not think you can compare to this beautiful tall, ginger-haired fella because you can’t. This is a well-known fact. As a third year physio, John is well suited to the job of training officer, and hopefully by the end of training sessions this year we can only hope some of his “handsomeness” will rub off on us all. :D

Andrew Lynam - Equipment Officer

Ph:  086 378 5026

Just recently graduated from Chemical Engineering in UCD, this County Meath local is taking on the role of “Quippy” this year. From paddling to directing musicals, if Andrew can look after a whole shows worth of props, I reckon the equipment will be in safe hands this year! Don’t be fool by the second name, though we have our craic-ing Kayaking Ball in Lynhams each year, no relation exists so we’ll all just have to live without the “family discount” :D Note: Duct Tape and Lynam are not your friends- Avoid this combo at all costs!

Niamh Delaney - Public Relations Officer

Ph:  085 142 3889

Our PRO and Fundraising Officer is our very own button pushing Rdaiographer Niamh (that’s one syllable, not two!). She hails from the county of Laois but try not to hold it against her, it has the M7 motorway!!! Niamh will be keeping us all entertained and the primary responsibility of keeping the almighty sesh train going. Sesh on!!! Whether it be strutting our stuff in Coppers or the “few casuals” in Doyle’s she’s bound to keep us well on board. Niamh has taken on the new role of Fundraising officer so be prepared to have your pockets raided or be subjected to a “riveting” conversation on why you should donate. All aboard the sesh train!

Muireann O’Shea - New Members Liason

Ph:  086 235 1552

The role of New Members Liason (NML, for short) this year, falls on Muireann O’Shea’s shoulder. Looking after fresher’s is her main priority, so any newbies can go to this lovely lass with any issues or queries. A third year med (yes, we officially have one of those!) she’ll be well able to prescribe hangover cures after a hard night on the sesh! Winner of the Fresher’s cup last year, any fresher’s that follow this girls example could be in with a chance of winning this prestigious award this year! :D