Ailbhe Cunningham - Captain

Ph:  085 842 7775

This year’s captain is the highly capable Ailbhe C! The second Ailbhe of the club, and the second Ailbhe as captain, she is more than ready to continue the greatness of our fabulous club! A fourth year electrical engineer with a real zest for musicals (most specifically Hamilton “the greatest musical ever”), and last year’s “Love Treasurer”, this gal has serious gym skills and is extremely willing to encourage others to follow suit. A Pinot Grigio lover who would drink flat beer from a shoe, she’s always ready to initiate a sesh. All hail our new Captain!

Shanley Shaw - Secretary

Ph:  087 126 6288

Shanley is the club’s new secretary! A second year computer scientist, when he’s not coding, computing, or kayaking, he can be found skateboarding the length and breadth of South Dublin (looking cool while doing so of course). Last year’s Fresher of the Year, this boy is known to “sesh on” like an absolute trooper when in the face of an aversive alcohol tolerance defeat. Owner of the CUTEST puppy that he probably won’t tell you about, the club’s very own black belt karate kid (so multitalented!) is sure to ensure the smooth running of the club this year and has promised to show us some of his fabulous freestyle moves too! Hard to believe that this seven-foot paddling wunderkind can fit in a playboat, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes!

Ailbhe O’Halloran - Treasurer

Ph:  087 807 0807

In charge of the club finances this year is the fabulous Ailbhe 4! ( Ailbhes are kind of our thing!) This third year Law student, with a head to wear hats well, speaks fluent French and Irish and is a debating menace with no point left unteased, unargued or undefeated, challenge with caution! Always pretty, always fabulous sur la rive, she is poised and ready to make committee drysuits* happen this year! (*fantasy) Enter into debates, drinking contests and dance offs at your own risk with this Sass Queen!
*Note from Ailbhe 4 herself: at least half a bottle of gin required before any dancing or debating, so maybe start with the drinking contest.

John Enright - Safety Officer

Ph:  087 213 4574

The club’s very own Handsome Officer, the handsomest and most fabulous ginger paddler the club has ever seen! A Level 4 kayaker, this final year physiotherapy student is taking on the role of Safety Officer for the second year running and is a previous Training Officer, too. John E is the proud owner of a most beautiful White Waka Tuna kayak (the only White Waka Tuna of its kind in Ireland!) which is just perfect for champion naps (and doing impressive paddling things in too of course!). If you want to go skinny-dipping in the Atlantic on New Year’s Eve, this is the man you have to convince!

John Finn - Training Officer

Ph:  087 243 4453

This third year mechanical engineer is a newcomer to the club but has found himself taking on the exciting role as Training Officer and the new whip-cracker of the most fabulous Paddlefit! Taking on this lovechild from John E has only furthered their bromance, with the pair being crowned “Club’s Cutest Couple”. This Classy John (also handsome) can on occasion be spotted in some of the finest leather footwear while paddling, striving to keep the club’s chic vibes alive. A Level 4 paddler, he is known to fix his spraydeck going down weirs and absolutely boof Jackson’s Falls without paddles, all while looking cool and splendid doing so. Get ready for the UCDCC training regime with John F!

Mark Hoare - Equipment Officer

Ph:  087 950 5160

Mark “Gadget Boy” Hoare is this year’s Quippy! This second year mechanical engineer is in charge of the club gear, and no throw rope, BA or deck will be left unorganised! A Photoshop fiend with an impressive talent for tinkering with visuals, he intends on taking the kayaking world by storm this year launching his very own sport of “Dryaking” (ask for details at your own risk!). We’re hopeful that this year the Synchronised-Freestyling-Dream-Couple that is Shanley and Mark (“Manley”) will get the absolute adoration it deserves!

Evie Moloney - Public Relations Officer

Ph:  086 269 9577

Returning to her role this year is Evie “Absolutely Fabulous” Moloney. This third year vet student promotes the club at every opportunity she gets, which is probably why we all love her so much, in spite of her crazy obsessions. When you get a chance, feel free to ask her about: her pet snails, horse flesh-lights, her obsession with mashed potatoes, her dog’s anal glands, Decathlon, how someone offended her that day (by, you know, living their life), how unforgivable it is for a former PRO not to attend events Evie has organised (shout out to Greg here), or how cats are keeping feminists down.
*Disclaimer: having written this, Ailbhe 4 promptly retreated to the remote mountains of Tibet to hide for the summer. Evie’s wrath is not something to be taken lightly.

Jonathan O’Brien - New Members Liason

Ph:  087 092 0322

Jonathan is taking on the role as this year’s NML! Hailing from the south side of the very lovely Donegal, this second year medicine student is poised to welcome all our lovely new freshers, and introduce them to the fun, frolicking and fabulousness of our club! A Gaeilgeoir and previous Irish house resident, this boy is ready to convince, charm and serenade new and old members alike with his blás (accent), fiddle skills and anecdotes of oyster shucking in the scenic Donegal coastline. Rounding up this “year of the Johns” here’s looking forward to a wonderful year and hoping that this future doctor will be on hand with some much needed hangover cures post seshing.

Sara Griffin - OCM (Ex-Captain)

Ph:  087 696 3921

This year’s OCM is Sara! A recently qualified Radiographer, this Kerry native is last year’s Captain, a previous NML and our Children’s Officer and is more than apt to lend a hand and dispense valuable insight to committee, new and old club members. Tales of bizarre injuries (most namely involving the strange case of a torn ACL and a library chair), astonishing mislaying of clothing tendencies and professions of her fondness for cats are all part of the Sara (no “h”!!) experience!

Ross Kerrigan - Senior Treasurer

Ph:  087 245 6200

Ross has taken on the role of Senior Treasurer this year, overseeing the club finances and supporting Ailbhe 4 as we prepare for another fantastic year! A previous Captain and Treasurer of the club, this Mechanical Engineer from Tipperary is the absolute King of Puns, and just loves, and is so good at, having fun! With a real passion for trains of all kinds, he is sure to promote the sport of trainspotting within the club while rallying up new locomotive enthusiasts along the way. Be sure to catch him playboating if you get the chance too!