John Finn - Captain

Ph:  087 243 4453

Hide your paddles around this one, he may be captain and a level 4 kayaker but that won't stop him leaving paddles under a rock somewhere in the hills of Kerry. If you are a fan of wearing a seat belt and knowing how fast you are driving I would politely decline any offers of a lift in our captain's car. John is more than capable of keeping the club afloat for another year and ready to bring us to Varsities again for a hoped second victory. *Side note* don't worry about the noises that him and our spicy secretary seem incapable of making, when together, and feel free to tell them to stop (not necessarily that politely). If you are having trouble spotting John he is the one with the brown shoes... which he never takes off.

Jack (van) Lang - Secretary

Ph:  086 321 2333

Our secretary for this year is the very spicy Jack Van Lang. This spicy Wicklow born and bread boy is best know for his name not actually being VAN Lang. Guaranteed to spice up your night by needing you to call an ambulance for him, or to bring him home after he breaks his fresher of the year trophy. While studying politics and social computing (all of about 3 hours a week) he was our most dedicated fresher last year travelling up and down from Wicklow for pool sessions, he now lives in Dublin (with the elusive Ailbhe 5) to keep up his dedication to the club. If you are a fan of memes this is the guy you want to be friends with.

Emma Baker - Treasure

Ph:  085 771 0407

You will definitely hear this one coming. Emma is our treasure for the year and probably the loudest member in the club. From Blackrock this nursing student will have no problem chasing people for money and keeping the finances in check. If anyone ever has any questions about scouts this is your go to gal, she knows it all. Due to her fab photography skills she will be supplying Becca our PRO with all her photos for the club accounts. Just incase you do happen to not hear her coming make sure to watch out for her swag-o-lishous walk. Fun Fact: Emma physically cannot whisper

Shanley Shaw - Safety Officer

Ph:  087 126 6288

Safety officer for this year is our very own Shanley. In his third year of computer science, this skateboarding, black belt in karate dude with his luscious locks is bound to keep us all safe on the water. At 6'5" he is definitely the longest member of the club. From over in the west county of Sligo it's hard to stop this gentle giant running home to visit his Mammy every chance he gets. Known to party hard he will somehow squish himself into a play boat the next day to show off some of his gnar freestyle skills.

Cian Brannigan - Training Officer

Ph:  085 745 6997

Get ready to be put to the test this year with Cian as training officer. This second year business and law student will put you through your paces keeping everyone up to date with assessments and safety courses, along with keeping (those willing) fit as a fiddle with paddle fit. Although it may only be his second year in the club there is no question that he is up to the task of keeping us in shape to get us ready for varsities victory X2.

Jonathan O'Brien - Equipment Officer

Ph:  087 092 0322

Jonathan is our equipment officer for this year. This 3rd year med student, from the hills of Donegal will help you get kitted out in some of the sexiest, old, damp wetsuits you have ever seen, all while protecting the new gear like the were his own. If you are lucky you might just get to hear a jig from his not often seen fiddle, but you are far more likely to experience Jonathans dance moves after a few too many in Doyles.

Rebecca Badrick - Public Relations Officer

Ph:  085 715 6978

This years current Public Relations Officer is Rebecca. Hailing from the wonderful county of fake Meath, this 21 year old nursing student sure knows her way around a farm. Watch out country boys! Or if you're tall, she'll spot you a mile away. The club has found that she is very handy with a needle and thread (steri strips too) during trips away. Note: Simon’s chin. She always has a smile on her face. She is always up for a good dress up from spiders to strawberries, she'll definitely organise some great activities for us this year.

Conor Seery - New Members Liason

Ph:  087 237 6242

Genesis 1:27 Then God said, "Let us make man in my image, after my likeness to rule". Conor was handcrafted by the Gods themselves to watch over the club, a man of divine knowledge. His jawline could cut through steel, and not to mention that smile, that damn smile. Don't let his quiet and reserved nature fool you, he is a man of passion with an insatiable appetite. "Flexible", "succubus", "the king" all have been used to describe this celestial being. As a 4th year student nurse (promise he is the last one) he is well used to chatting shit to strangers and will no doubt make you feel welcome to the club with his damn contagious smile. After a rough start to the club of taking 5 weeks to learn how to T-rescue, his biggest accomplishment is learning to roll in under 10 minutes. Make sure you take the time to have a chat with him. He'll definitely have something interesting to tell you.

Ross Kerrigan - Senior Treasurer

Ph:  087 245 6200

Our Senior treasurer for the year is Ross another engineer on the committee. Ross has paddled across the world in the Alps and in Uganda. Definitely check out his world famous calves! (That’s what paddle fit could do for you) It’s a pity he still doesn't really know how to cook. But if you want an unhealthy snack of chocolate milk you've got the right person. If you want to get to know this guy ask him about his interesting taste in music or about his absolute love of trains (not actually joking). Most importantly for getting advice on some gear for yourself this is the man to ask.