Jack Van Lan - Captain

Ph:  086 321 2333

A level 3 kayaker with a passion for 🅱️emes, 80s music and “going out somewhere nice to eat”, Jack is this years gracious leader. Fresher of the Year in 2018 and Predator of the Year 2019, it’s no wonder he got elected Captain by unanimous decision. With only 4 hours of lectures this year Jack has plenty time to help out with anything you need, just give him a shout. Did we mention he can outpace a squirrel?

Bláthnaid Kelly

Ph:  086 451 3761

4’10¾ and able to squat 120kg+, Bláthnaid is what comes up in the dictionary when you look up “juxtaposition”. Her memory is good enough to rival any elephant (some say she remembers her own birth), so be careful what you say to her when you’re a few cans in at freshers. Don’t let her small stature confuse you; she’s all heart.

Aoife Walsh - Treasurer

Following in the theme of “difficult to pronounce Irish names” is the effervescent Aoife Walsh. Don’t mention to her anything about the 8 months left of the academic year she has to complete, or she might “lose” your membership fee. After a rough night out everyone chills out to Aoife on her ukulele - as long as they like “Send Me on My Way”. Fun fact - Aoife’s never been on a river trip.

Cian Brannigan - Safety Officer

Too busy studying the Lidl brochures to reply to any texts or calls, your best bet to contact Cian is probably superliking him on tinder. Despite being his third year in the club it’s still a mystery what Cian actually studies at UCD. It’s a wonder the man got elected as Safety Officer - we’re pretty sure he doesn’t even own a bicycle helmet.

Jonathan Ó Briain - Training Officer

Jonathon’s yearly topless pic is a UCDCC club tradition. With his 6 year medicine degree he’ll have enough time to try out every position on committee before graduating. He says he’s from Donegal but anyone that’s heard him speak would be skeptical - what’s he hiding?

Mariosa Bryceland - Equipment Officer

A quippy without any equipment, a bartender who barely drinks and a science student who probably can’t spell “science”, Mariosa is the club’s favorite headache. Her name (pronounced Mar-ee-sa) means “Because Jesus” which coincidentally is the best way to answer any of her questions about the world (eg. “is cereal a soup”). Never not good-humored, she’ll quickly become your favourite Clubhouse bartender.

Conor Knowles - Public Relations Officer

Skinny jeans, nice booty, cute dainty hands, Jewish...You’re probably thinking I’m describing your dream girl, right? Wrong! It’s our PRO Conor Knowles. Conor is a computer wiz kid who can hack anything. He’s like Tony Hawk, but instead of shredding it at the skatepark, he’s entering dank code into his laptop. Right on dude! Being the second best Conor in the club means he has a lot to live up to, but he’s been a fantastic PRO so far and we wish him well in the future. P.S you’re not deaf he just mumbles.

Meabh Lynch - New Members Liason

Ph:  087 237 6242

It may take you a while to understand Meábh but before you know it you’ll be using words such as “wee” and “aye”. An internationally ranked surf kayaker and a regular face in every club this side of the hemisphere, Meábh can do it all. If you have any questions or issues she’s your girl! One thing to note is that “wee critter” is in fact a compliment.. we think. Who knew?

Ailbhe Cunningham - Senior Treasurer

"Ailbhe C" as she's known, is our resident 'bad bitch'. A former captain, she's often the person our fresh-faced committee members go to for advice. Graduated now, her pool session apperances are an event in-and-of themselves. Nevertheless, she's a staple in the club and we're sure theres still plenty Cunningham x Canoe house parties to come. Rumour has it she found herself while travelling the East over the summer.. whatever that means.