Matthew Duffy - Captain

Matthew is in stage 1 of Energy Systems Engineering ME. He manages the club's ongoings, runs meetings, and ensures that the aims and objectives of the club shall be attained. He oversees the accounts with the treasurer and senior treasurer and any club held events, training, or assessments. Be it freestyle whitewater, polo or surf kayaking, Matthew will guide you and make sure that you and your fellow members all feel welcome. He is an excellent teacher and will help you (along with fellow committee members) to learn and improve on new skills. Whether you have just nailed your forward paddle or a godzilla (big spicy freestyle move) you will here Matthew along with your fellow paddlers encouraging and praising you from across the water.

Aoife Begley - Secretary

Aoife is a stage 3 Med student, so she knows her stuff, especially when it comes to conspiracy theories. She is responsible for the organisation of club meetings and club trips. She takes minutes for our club's meetings and keeps everyone organised on what they're doing. Monthly details of committee meeting minutes will be published by the Secretary online a month in arrears for all members.

Emily Breathnach - Treasurer

Emily is a stage 2 chemical engineering student. She is in charge of the club's account. She will collect the money for membership (€20), pool sessions (€2) and any trips away. She organises the budget for our club and allows us to know what we can spend on buses/trip accommodation/new gear. She also will collect money for any certified assessments or training courses and organise for the cost of any safety specific training courses to hopefully be covered by UCD.

Lorcan McDonnell- Safety Officer

Lorcan is a stage 3 Animal and crop production student. His role is to make sure everyone is safe on the water. He is highly experienced with river safety and rescue and will ensure enough certified River rescue and safety paddlers to keep an eye out for all the members on a body water. The Safety Officer will oversee the development of river running skills up to and including Level Three Kayak Skills proficiency. He organises Remote Emergency Care courses and makes sure the club risk assessment is all in order. He will also teach members how to use throw ropes and signals used on rivers in kayaking.

Conor Healy - Training Officer

Conor is a BSc Psychology, post final year student. He runs a weekly paddle-fit session, be it online or in the team gym. He also organises polo training at pool sessions and helps you learn and improve your paddle skills. He promotes the participation of club members and representation of the club in kayaking competitions of all disciplines. The training officer can also arrange for Canoeing Ireland assessment for skill levels and for kayak instructor training. Conor was last year's training officer too, and he excels in his role. He has competed in canoe sprint competitions and has a background in gymnastics, so if there's anything you would like to work on in the pool or want to build up your kayak muscles, this is the man to go to.

Micheál O'Connor - Equipment Officer

Micheál is a Stage 3 physics/Stage 2 engineering student... it's complicated! He is in charge of the upkeep of our clubs' equipment, mending any holy spraydecks and organising how all the boats/paddles/ etc. get from one place to another. He is the ultimate keeper of our beloved boathouse and oversees what new equipment we may need to get. He will remind you what club equipment you'll need to choose from the boathouse before we leave for our river trips (boat, Cag, wetsuit, helmet, paddle, BA). If you are a paid member and have your own gear, you can get in touch, and he will let you keep it in our boathouse. If you would like to borrow equipment from the club, remember to ask the quippy and captain for permission and fill out the gear borrowing form.

Maríosa Bryceland - Public Relations Officer

Maríosa is a Stage 4 Zoology student. She is in charge of promoting the club via social media platforms and letting people know what activities are happening along with the NML. If you message a club page, she will be the first to respond and pass you on to a designated committee member who can answer your question. She arranges events and organises activities for trips away and also secures any sponsors for the club, so if ya know anyone wishing to sponsor us, please just send the club an email/message to let us know!

Annamei Chan - New Members Liason

Annamei is a Stage 3 Computational Social Science student. She is who you go to if you have any questions on joining the club, what to bring to pool training (just your swim togs, towel, swim hat and €2), and any other random questions you might have. She is the mother duck for all you new ducklings within the club, and what a lovely mother duck she is too. She will send out a weekly email of the club's activities to inform you of any events, training, competitions, and trips. So get in touch if you have any queries.

Jayne Stephens - Senior Treasurer

Former Captain of NUIG kayak club Jayne is undergoing a PhD; she is an Environmental microbiologist in infection biology. She is our senior treasurer responsible for ensuring that there is no misuse of club funds and conducting a bi-annual audit of all club accounts. Jayne also acts as the Graduate Liaison Officer, keeping graduate members informed of club activities.